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Charlie Barty-King

Charlie  Barty-King

PhD Student

University of Cambridge


Charlie studied for a Masters in Chemistry (with an industrial placement year) at the University of Sussex, where he achieved a First Degree. His 12-month industrial placement was spent overseas in the Netherlands working to formulate evermore ecologically-friendly wash detergents for the institutional marketplace (eg. retail, healthcare, hospitality, catering etc.). Roles included wash and stability testing, finalisation and characterisation of product formulae and initial scale-up processing trails.

Upon arriving back at Sussex for his final year, Charlie began his Masters project in Astrochemistry, which looks to better understand the chemically active regions of space, the so-called Interstellar Medium.

His focus was on studying and quantifying the processes that occur when relatively complex organic molecules are exposed to thermal and/or ultra-violet energies in an ultra-high vacuum.

In 2016 Charlie joined the MRes in Ultra Precision Engineering. His 3-month mini-project was based at the University of Nottingham where he worked on producing an additively manufactured precision positioning stage for an Information-Rich Metrology CMM. His 5-month long-project was based back at the University of Cambridge in the Bio-inspired Photonics group at the Department of Chemistry, with work focussed on cellulose-based photonic materials for industrial application.

For his PhD, Charlie is working within the Nanomanufacturing group at the IfM, in collaboration with the Bio-inspired Photonics group, and is continuing his work from the long-project. His goal to produce a weavable photonic fibres that could be used for a wide variety of applications and industries.

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