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Project Partners

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering relies on extensive support from industrial and government partners. These partners contribute highly to the PhD years of selected students.

The project partner works in collaboration with the student and supervisor, meeting regularly for project updates and to oversee the student’s studies. This collaboration gives the sponsors access to world leading expertise within the CDT-UP centre, access to research laboratories in the individual research groups and exposure to current and emerging areas in Cranfield and Cambridge research and IP licensing and joint venture opportunities.

Students typically work on industrial focused projects during their MRes projects and PhD. We ask sponsors to submit research topics of interest and challenges to their sector to the CDT-UP, which we then pair-up with CDT-UP student’s desired skill set and background.

The CDT-UP asks for a financial contribution from the sponsor of around £15,000-30,000. The funds are used to cover project consumables, access to fee charging facilities, and a student maintenance top-up. The exact figure and use of funds is agreed between the sponsor and supervisor, with a collaboration agreement drawn-up to finalise this.

Our Industrial Partners include Diamond Light Source, Engineers Company, Engineers Trust, Gooch & Housego, Hexagon Metrology, Laser Fusion Technologies Ltd, MSOLV, NIAB, NPL, Rolls-Royce, thin metal films ltd, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Industrial collaborating projects:

An inkjet/ultrafast laser hybrid for digital fabrication of biomedical sensors - MSOLV

Anode materials for vacuum electronics devices - US Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technology For Ultra-Precision Engineering Of Optics For Applications In Aerospace, Defence And Science - Gooch & Housego

BioLaser: Establishing a high-resolution Laser Ablation Tomography Platform for UK Bioimaging Research - NIAB

Development and optimisation of an optofluidic nano tweezers system for trapping nanometre crystals for synchrotron x-ray diffraction experiments - Diamond Light Source

Digitally enabled surface function modification for wide area applications - Engineers Trust

GHz-rate full-field holographic observation of Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser (USPL) plasma dynamics generated from acrylic polymer, aluminium and steel targets and their correlation to RF emissions - US Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Metallisation of CNTs - US Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Precision metrology for large freeform non-specular surfaces - Hexagon Metrology

Ultrafast machining of high temperature superconductor nanostructures for novel mesoscale physicsUS Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Industry partners gain access to world-leading research facilities and the opportunity to work with a wide range of high-quality research students.

Professor Bill O'Neill, CDT-UP Course Director

If you have a research project proposal that you would like to offer to our students, please work with our Centre academics to develop industrially-related MRes or PhD projects. Please contact Sophie Fuller, for more details.