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Smart Cellulose Photonic Materials

A collaboration between the Nanomanufacturing group (IfM) and Bio-inspired Photonics group (Melville Lab) sees Charlie working towards the production and application of biocompatible photonic materials.


Charlie Barty-King


Dr Michael De Volder

Project overview

By the end of his PhD Charlie would like to have produced a photonic fibre that, ideally, could be used in photonic stitching and textile applications. The material responds to its environment in a number of ways, visually observed by a change in its colour. For example, altering the stress, temperature or constituent components of the material results in a corresponding colour change allowing a considerable capacity for sensing applications.

The vibrancy and structural nature of the materials colour, it’s iridescent properties and its biocompatibility means there is also scope for applications in the fashion, cosmetic and food industries. Initially Charlie will be working towards proving the feasibility of a non-electronic display for use in soft robotics.


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