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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering


In-depth interviews with some of our current PhD students

Hear from final year PhD students from the 2012 and 2013 cohorts discussing topics such as how they choose their PhD topic, benefits of doing the CDT, studying in Cambridge, and much more! 

We hope you will find their comments useful; if you would like further feedback please do not hesitate to contact the students directly.

Clare Collins - 2013-2017

Read more on Clare's project page.


Chris Wright - 2013-2017

Read more on Chris' project page.


George Meakin - 2013-2017

Read more on George's project page.


Jon Parkins - 2012-2016

Read more on Jon's project page.

Francisco Orozco - 2012-2016

Read more on Francisco's project page.

Jiho Han - 2012-2016

Read more on Jiho's project page.

Videos from the same students earlier in their course

(Please note the films below were taken during the month of Movember!)

Benefits of the course


Favourite aspect of the course


Ultra precision community


Opportunities after the course

The MRes was indispensable to my PhD. It gave me the skills which laid the foundation for my current and future research. 

Daniel GortatPhD