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Ultra Precision Machine & Process Laboratories

Laboratories based learning with academic support throughout sessions. Structure is tutorial together with hands on practical work. Students have to issue a 3,000-word review to include the following: document laboratory results describing the steps taken to achieve final results. Then describe possible sources of error or misinterpretation that may have impacted results.




Mr Paul Morantz
Dr Renaud Jourdain


16 hours laboratory + 16 hours independent learning time and 16 hours written assignment


Coursework worth 15 credits


On successful completion of this study the student should be able to:

Modal Analysis:

  • Understand modal analysis principles
  • Use modal testing equipment at a basic level
  • Complete rapid assessment of machine tool dynamic performance

Test & Measurement:

  • Introduction to surface measurement instrumentation
  • Insight into parameters used to qualify surface texture
  • Introduction to form measurement instrumentation

Single Point Diamond Turning:

  • Introduction to “state of the art” high precision machines
  • Provide insight into parameters that effect surface generation
  • Gain insight into programming of machine tools

Essential reading

  • Precision Engineering Module, CIM-UP MRes course – “Assessment of Machine Tool Dynamic Performance”
  • Handbook of Surface Metrology, David J Whitehouse, IOP publishing, ISBN 0-7503-0039-6
  • Metal Cutting Principles, Milton Shaw, Oxford University Press 2005, ISBN 0-19-514206-3
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