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The students attend a variety of modules taught at Cranfield and Cambridge during the Michaelmas and Lent terms:

Additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies

This module aims to provide the student with an understanding of the principles behind some of the most recent developments in the processing of high value added components. There is a strong emphasis on high efficiency and reduced cost in the manufacture of high volume and/or high value added parts using the latest technology based around advanced machining processes and additive techniques. The module will cover the physical principles, operating characteristics and practical aspects related to these key technologies.

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Energy Beam Processing

The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the ways in which energy beam technologies are used to deliver ultra precision materials processing capabilities in engineering applications. It does this by focusing on two key energy beam technology systems widely applied in a number of ultra precision manufacturing applications.

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Finite Element Analysis

The purpose of this module is to provide both an introduction to the theory underpinning finite element analysis (FEA) and hands on experience using the well-established FEA package named Ansys. Students will gain a unique experience to master and comprehend numerical calculation methods.

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Fundamentals of Metrology (Measurement Science)

The module will provide a detailed grounding in theoretical and practical aspects of metrology (measurement science) applicable to the subject of Ultra Precision in science & engineering. Following an introduction to the principles and international framework for the bases of measurement, lectures will concentrate on the key aspects of achieving high accuracy measurements of dimensions and temperature, with traceability to the internationally accepted SI system of units.

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Managing Innovation and New Product Development

This module presents innovation management as a key strategic competence, and aims to equip students with practical tools and hands-on experience enabling them to contribute to the measurement, management and improvement of innovation in industry. Innovation management theory and practice are demonstrated using team based learning and discussions around research, practical examples, case studies and a new product development simulation exercise.

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The module covers state of the art technologies as used in technology based manufacturing companies and additionally introduces the latest research. This is intended to prepare students to have a broad understanding of the subject enabling them to make a positive contribution in their chosen industry.

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Nano and Microtechnologies for Energy

The purpose of this module is to provide specialist training in nano and micro scale manufacturing techniques. The module will explore innovative micro and nanoscale fabrication technologies for realising modern day nano and microsystems.

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Ultra Precision Machine & Process Laboratories

Laboratories based learning with academic support throughout sessions. Structure is tutorial together with hands on practical work. Students have to issue a 3,000-word review to include the following: document laboratory results describing the steps taken to achieve final results. Then describe possible sources of error or misinterpretation that may have impacted results.

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