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The module covers state of the art technologies as used in technology based manufacturing companies and additionally introduces the latest research. This is intended to prepare students to have a broad understanding of the subject enabling them to make a positive contribution in their chosen industry.




Dr Saurav Goel


30 hours lectures + 50 hours independent learning time and 20 hours written assignment


Coursework worth 15 credits



On successful completion of this study the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical awareness of the fundamental science for the systematic application of measurement.
  • Critically evaluate component geometry specifications.
  • Critically evaluate and specify metrology requirements for functional surfaces.
  • Demonstrate conceptual thinking for the identification of appropriate task specific measurement procedures in a range of applications.
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of current research and performance capabilities for the selection and use of displacement measurement technologies.


  • The purpose, science and philosophy of measurement
  • Interferometry and optical testing of surface form
  • The characterisation of surface texture
  • Contact and non-contact measurement of dimension and geometry
  • Measurement of displacement
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