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Energy Beam Processing

The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the ways in which energy beam technologies are used to deliver ultra precision materials processing capabilities in engineering applications. It does this by focusing on two key energy beam technology systems widely applied in a number of ultra precision manufacturing applications.


Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing


Dr Richard Langford (Part-1)
Prof Bill O’Neill (Part-2)


Eight 2-hour sessions


Coursework worth 15 credits 


 Strong emphasis is placed on presenting the underlying science of laser and ion beam technologies and the systems that deliver them. In addition to the methods that are both theoretically and practically explored in a number of application case studies. It will provide students with both an understanding of the issues and the practical means of dealing with these advanced ultra precision manufacturing solutions.

Part-1 (8 hours) Ion Beams

This course covers a wide range of lithography and processing techniques. The emphasis is to provide the students with an awareness of where ion beam lithography tools are applied in manufacturing operations.

  • Lecture-1 Optical lithography. 
  • Lecture-2 The current status of EUV lithography 
  • Lecture-3 Beam Sample Interactions 
  • Lecture-4 Basics of ion beam lithography 
  • Lecture-5 Electron beam lithography-1 
  • Lecture-6 Electron beam lithography-2
  • Lecture-7 Alternative lithography techniques-1 
  • Lecture-8 Alternative lithography techniques-2

Part-2 (8 hours) Laser Beams

This course covers a wide range of laser system technologies and micro materials processing techniques. The emphasis is to provide the students with an awareness of how and where laser beam micro processing tools are applied in ultra precision manufacturing operations.

  • Lecture-9 Generation of laser light 
  • Lecture-10 Laser source technologies 
  • Lecture-11 Laser beam characteristics 
  • Lecture-12 Laser beam manipulation
  • Lecture-13 Laser matter interactions 
  • Lecture-14 Materials processing
  • Lecture-15 Laser system technologies 
  • Lecture-16 Laser based micro processing applications


On completion of the course, students should:

  • Understand the core scientific underpinning and engineering delivery and applications of energy beam technologies.
  • Have a thorough appreciation of how energy beam technologies are used in the fabrication of ultra precision devices. 
  • Be able to assess and utilise appropriate technology choices for the production of ultra precision components 
  • Understand the operation of and the practical means of applying energy beam technologies in an ultra precision manufacturing context.
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