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Test and Measurement Laboratory

The laboratory aims to provide the student with an insight into the assessment of high quality surfaces. A laboratory based session with a strong emphasis on practical aspects, students will participate in the measurement of optical surfaces. The session will cover the physical principles, instrument characteristics and measurement process.


Cranfield University


Dr Saurav Goel


6 hrs laboratory + 4 hrs private study


Coursework worth 5 credits



  • Introduction to surface measurement instrumentation.
  • Insight into parameters used to qualify surface texture.
  • Introduction to form measurement instrumentation, including both tactile and vision variants.
  • Student operation of instrumentation.


Surface Texture Instrumentation

  • Outline configuration and performance of instruments
  • Operation of contact stylus instruments 

Form Instrumentation

  • Outline configuration and performance of instrument
  • Operation of contact stylus and optical instrument

Surface Metrology

  • Surface texture assessment
  • Form and geometric assessment
  • Parameter selection and use
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