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Precision Micromachining Laboratory

This aims to provide the student with an insight into the manufacture of high quality surfaces through the application of precision micromachining. A laboratory based session with a strong emphasis on practical aspects and associated metrology. Students will participate in the generation and assessment of micro-machined surfaces. The session will cover the physical principles, operating characteristics and practical applications of the processes.


Cranfield University


Dr Xavier Tonnellier


4 hrs laboratory + 4 hrs private study


Coursework worth 5 credits



  • Safety introduction
  • Introduction to Kern Evo 5 axes Micromilling Machine
  • Tesa Visio 300 co-ordinate measuring machine
  • Form accuracy evaluation

- Manually program a contour geometry using simple G-code program language
- Design and conduct a machining trail to determine the cutting parameters to achieve part programed for each tool type selected
- Assess machining performance

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