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Modal Analysis Laboratory

The module aims to provide the student with an insight into the analysis of machines / systems through the application of experimental modal testing and basic analysis. In a laboratory-based session with a strong emphasis on practical aspects and associated underlying science and technique, students will participate in the experimental analysis of a precision machine or system. The session will cover the physical principles, practical techniques, data gathering and simple validation/processing together with guidance on results presentation.


Cranfield University


Dr Paul Morantz


6 hrs laboratory + 4 hrs private study


Coursework worth 5 credits


  • Understand modal analysis principles and use modal testing equipment at a basic level
  • Complete rapid assessment of machine tool dynamic performance.
  • Structure dynamic data presentation


  • Safety introduction
  • Introduction to Moore Nanotech 350 UPL diamond turning machine
  • Introduction to Experimental Modal Analysis equipment
  • Experimental design
  • Data gathering (FRFs)
  • Assessment of data quality
  • Consideration of validity (sanity check against physical system)


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