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FIB / SEM / ECS Systems Laboratory

This laboratory aims to provide the student with an insight into the capabilities of combined SEM, Focused Ion Beam systems in the areas of imaging, machining, material deposition and chemical analysis. Students will gain practical experience in the use of FIB systems for both patterning and characterisation at the nano scale. The session will cover the principles, operating characteristics and practical applications of the system.


Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing


Dr Andrew Cockburn


6 hrs laboratory + 2 hours private study


Coursework worth 5 credits



  • Introduction to Focused Ion Beam imaging and machining
  • Gain an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of FIB machining
  • Develop the skills required to allow the independent use of FIB systems.
  • Develop an understanding of the capabilities and of EDS chemical analysis systems



  • Sample preparation
  • Control of electron beam
  • Image acquisition

FIB system

  • Sample positioning
  • FIB imaging
  • FIB milling
  • Gas assisted FIB deposition


  • Introduction to EDS
  • Use of EDS for chemical mapping
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