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e-Beam lithography Laboratory

This aims to demonstrate precise fabrication using lithography, how this is relevant to industrial manufacturing processes, and the problems introduced when scaling precision manufacture up to high throughput. Also, to demonstrate the principles involved in scientific research and how experiments must be designed for fabrication feasibility. This lab will investigate the fabrication of a test wafer, from design to verification. Students will work in a cleanroom and be a part of all manufacture stages including CAD, sample cleaning, spin coating, e-beam operation, developing, metal sputter, and microscope verification.


Cambridge, Electrical Engineering Division


Matt Pryn 


Michaelmas Term


Basic engineering principles


7hrs laboratory + 2hrs private study 


Material / Format / Timing / Marks/Credits

Coursework / Report / 3 December / 100% / 5                                                      


Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Competences

  • Introduction to e-beam patterning
  • Introduction to lithography and mask fabrication
  • Understand metal sputter deposition
  • Learn the basics of cleanroom research and how to access the cleanroom equipment
  • Implement good lab practice


  • Lithography
  • eBeam patterning
  • Metal sputtering
  • Basic microscope verification
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