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Reading Club

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (RC13) – Cambridge only

The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Reading Club takes place in the Michaelmas and Lent term, with a total of six 2-hour sessions taught by the course Director, Principal Investigators and Senior Researchers. 


1. To introduce a range of leading-edge manufacturing technology topics.

2. To introduce key literature in those topics.

3. To encourage critical review and reflection about the technologies and relevance to modern manufacturing enterprises.

4. To provide experience of synthesising arguments based on the literature.


Approximately one week before each session you will be presented with a pack of key readings and questions to be prepared for the following week. During the session you may be asked to open the discussion on any of the questions posed and will be expected to contribute to the discussion on all questions.

Your contributions should demonstrate:

  • Identification of the key issues and technologies in each paper and the ability to express the impact they could have on future manufacturing operations.
  • Understanding of the real world implication of the technologies including technological limitations; resource implications; new business models; societal impact.
  • Ability to position the arguments within the recognised body of knowledge relating to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.
  • Critical review – particularly the limitations of the technologies and the research which would be necessary to further develop them.