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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering


The CDT-UP sponsored the ‘Promoting Girls in STEM’ event on the 28th October, which is run for local Girl Scout Troop’s aged 5 to 11 years old. This event was also supported in part by the Gates Scholar support fund.

Stem 2The event was attended by 70 children, along with a number of troop leaders, who each attended a 2 hour session consisting of 4 activities focusing on different aspects of STEM such as DNA extraction from strawberries, wind car races and lemon batteries.

It is felt that with the early specialisation required by the English education system (e.g. Physics A levels required for application to Engineering), it is important to target girls and young women before or as they are having to make decisions that will affect their options for career path. By supporting this outreach initiative, we aim at inspiring girls to learn about (and potentially pursue) STEM courses, contributing to improve female participation in scientific, technological and engineering higher education, while indirectly fostering gender empowerment in social, economic and political arenas.