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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering


CDT-UP PhD student Charlie Barty-
King was among the winners of the 2021
Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards.
His achievements and commitment to
positive social change impressed a panel
of judges consisting of four stakeholders
representing the community, the University
of Cambridge and organisations dedicated
to supporting student social action.

Charlie Barty-King is a highly motivated CDT-UP Cambridge PhD student, with extensive and varied experience across STEM, hospitality and social sectors. He has excellent administrative and communication skills and values being a net positive to those around him with kindness and honesty. He has contributed energetically to the students’ association and more recently in the founding of the open access Green Society of Wolfson College and launching of the college’s Sustainability and Conservation research Hub. He holds Masters in Chemistry and in Research (Ultra Precision), studies next generation sustainable materials and holds an NUS Green Impact Challenge Student Leadership Award.


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