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Mark Golab

Mark Golab

PhD Student

University of Cambridge


Mark is a first year PhD student investigating the filament behaviour of the fused deposition modelling additive manufacturing technology. Prior to starting the PhD, Mark completed the MRes in Ultra Precision Engineering in 2018/19 at the University of Cambridge. Mark also graduated with Distinction in MSc Medical Product Design from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in 2014/15. His thesis titled a wearable headset for monitoring electromyography responses within spinal surgery examined an approach for enhancing the efficiency of spinal surgery utilising the technological capabilities and design functionalities of wearable headsets, in this case Google Glass.

Subsequent completion of this project lead to Mark being sponsored by PepsiCo Europe and appointed Research Assistant in Product Design (Robotics Research) at NTU. Mark was then InnovateUK funded and appointed as a Research Fellow, enabling him to develop a robotic system to carry out research linked to lean production line applications.

Alongside Mark’s research role, Mark supported the Product Design Department by means of delivering lectures and seminars to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Mark also supervised Erasmus students for the European Project Semester Module for two years and co-tutored the Product Design for 15 - 17 Year Olds Summer School for three years

Research Interests

  • Additive manufacturing techniques
  • Factory automation and robotics
  • Medical devices and systems


  • Golab, M R, Breedon, P, and Vloeberghs, M, 2016. A wearable headset for monitoring electromyography responses within spinal surgery. European Spine Journal. ISSN 0940-6719
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