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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering



Laurence Cochrane studied Engineering at Pembroke College, Cambridge, gaining his MEng in 2018 with Distinction and specialisations in Electrical and Information Sciences and Instrumentation and Control. He joined the Ultra Precision CDT in the 2018-19 cohort, gaining Distinction in the MRes with on projects in Laser Ablation Tomography, Raman Spectroscopy and Silicon Quantum Computing.

For his PhD thesis he is working on developing novel methods for compact readout of silicon quantum dot spin qubits, in conjunction with the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory and the Nanoscience Centre.

Research Interests

  • Quantum Information Processing
  • Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Electron Spin State Readout
  • Nano-Electromechanical Systems
  • Cryogenic Electronics
PhD Student
University of Cambridge
 Laurence   Cochrane
Not available for consultancy