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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering



Jiho graduated from Cambridge with an MEng in mechanical engineering in 2011. Following graduation, he was employed at Fairlead Maritime as a structural engineer, primarily charged with fatigue life prediction of ship structures using numerical methods. He has joined the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision in 2012, under the supervision of Professor Bill O'Neill.

Research Interests

  • Laser beam shaping
  • Holographic Projection

Current Research

Jiho's project page.

As a part of MRes in Ultra Precision, Jiho investigated the feasibility of machining a hologram at the end of an optical fibre to directly control the output beam shape from the optical fibre. It was revealed that this is indeed plausible. 

Following this discovery, he is now working towards using the same principle for general beam shaping problems, particularly for high power energy beam delivery. It is expected that successful refinement of this technique would result in a beam shaping solution that is much cheaper, more compact, robust, and easier to manipulate compared to current solutions.

The expected challenges are as follows; 1) The power handling capabilities will be limited by the optical damage threshold that is reduced due to the surface features or thermal losses that is increased due to increased scattering. 2) The manufacturing method must be capable of producing appropriate surface finish quality, which will most likely affect the power handling capabilities. 3) The manufacturing method used will mostly introduce some local changes in transmission efficiency or refractive index. These effects must be modeled in order to maximise control over the beam shape. 

He is now finalising his thesis, and meanwhile spending his time in Switzerland as an intern at ABB.

Other Interests

Jiho is also committed to various extra-curricular engagements. This includes his work as a supervisor for Clare College undergraduate students and a Social Secretary at Clare College MCR for 2013-2014. He also enjoys cycling and playing the piano.

University of Cambridge
 Jiho  Han
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