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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering



James graduated with a 1st class degree in Exercise Physiology in 2012. After graduating, he undertook an MRes in Biomedicine, researching the effects of hypoxic preconditioning on femoral limb occlusion. James is currently working towards a doctorate at Cranfield University in the Engineering Photonics Centre under the supervision of Professor Ralph Tatam, Professor Stephen James, and Dr Matthew Partridge.

Research interests

  • Optical fibre sensors

Current Research

James’s PhD project is focussed on fabricating a precision engineered carbon dioxide sensor for environmental and healthcare monitoring. The ever increasing desire for portable sensing devices has led to the requirement that sensing elements must be able to deliver high levels of accuracy and sensitivity yet possess micro-scale dimensions. Interestingly, the rapid development of optical fibre technology in recent years may provide the solution to this problem. This research will be based on optical fibre modulation through the utilisation of long period fibre gratings. These micro gratings allow the light transmitted in the fibre’s core to interact with the surrounding environment thus providing sensing capabilities. To further enhance the precision of the senor, the application of a carbon dioxide sensitive coating will be applied to the cladding of the modulated optical fibre. It is anticipated that this device will be integrated with additional fibre sensors to provide a single multi-variant sensing platform.

Cranfield University
 James   Barrington
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