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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering



A Greek-Cypriot Christian-Orthodox born in 1993, Georgios graduated from University College London in Mechanical Engineering in 2017. In his bachelor’s thesis he studied and reproduced nanostructured aluminium surfaces which exhibited superhydrophobicity and potential for icephobicity. He joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering at the University of Cambridge in September 2017.

In his MRes year (2017-2018), George worked on Supersonic Laser Deposition where he investigated the effect of different particle sizes on the deposition efficiency and the quality of the deposit. Currently, he is working on the architecture of a system which uses an ultrafast pulsed laser and topology measurement technology to rapidly and controllably ablate micron-scale layers of heterogeneous plant material, before imaging the exposed surface.


PhD Student
University of Cambridge
 Georgios  Kokkinos
Not available for consultancy