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Dr Simon Gray

Dr Simon Gray

Senior Research Fellow, High Temperature Corrosion and Mechanical Interactions

Cranfield University


Simon Gray, Senior Research Fellow in Coating Technology, is responsible for running the high-temperature materials/coating performance and thermal spray facility in the Surface Engineering and Precision Institute at Cranfield University.

Current activities include:

  • High-temperature corrosion fatigue (both high cycle and low cycle) looking at performance and development of alloys and coating systems for the gas turbine industry. A major output is to provide data and develop lifing models for critical components.
  • Accelerated oxidation of alloys and coating systems to rapidly rank materials for use in gas turbines. A cheaper and more selective equivalent to a burner rig.
  • High-temperature corrosion of alloys and coatings
  • Assessing cyclic oxidation performance of new alloys
  • Oxidation and phase studies of intermetallics
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