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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering



Dr Claudiu Giusca is a Senior Lecturer in Sensor Technology for Precision In-process Measurement at Cranfield University, employed on metrology aspects related to Advanced Manufacturing. Currently, Dr Giusca is focused on developing in-line/in-process metrology with a growing interest in High Precision applications. Dr Giusca expertise is in the metrology associated with the use of optical surface topography measuring instruments, surface texture and micro-coordinate measurements and analysis, design and build of primary instrumentation and in-line optical 2D/3D hybrid systems for roll-to-roll applications, as well as X-ray computed tomography. He has strong links with UK and world-wide academic groups, as well as UK industry.

Previous to Cranfield University, Dr Giusca was the lead scientist in Dimensional Surface Metrology group (DSM) at National Physical Laboratory, the UK’s national metrology institute. In that capacity Dr Giusca manged a research portfolio worth approximately £1M per year, of which up to 40 % came from FP7, H2020, European metrology research programs (EMRP and EMPIR) and industrial consultancies in automotive (JLR, Cummins), aerospace (RR) and optical instrumentation (Olympus). Most of the projects investigated surface-function relationships, which require multi-disciplinary research that combines a wide range of conventional engineering fields, such as laser machining, grinding, nano-fabrication, additive manufacturing, die casting and tribology, as well as more exotic fields like archaeology and dentistry. However, all projects have been focused on developing dimensional metrology solutions for process control and quality assurance, which include optical and tactile systems, algorithms, physical and documentary standards.

Dr Giusca co-authored and published over 30 peer-reviewed papers, many in prestigious metrology and engineering international journals: Proceedings of CIRP, Measurement Science and Technology, Optics Express, and co-authored chapters in three books on optical surface topography, wrote measurement good practice guides and a range of open and restricted reports.

Senior Lecturer, Sensor Technology for Precision In-process Measurement
Cranfield University
Dr Claudiu  Giusca
Not available for consultancy