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Danny Sims-Waterhouse

Danny  Sims-Waterhouse

PhD Student

The University of Nottingham


Danny obtained a First Degree in Physics from the University of Nottingham in 2015. His final year project was on compressed sensing in dynamic imaging for magnetic resonance imaging machines. The project involved developing algorithms to improve the speed and accuracy of the acquisition process by utilising the physical nature of spin decay signals.

He is now working on his PhD in manufacturing metrology at Nottingham, developing a new camera based micro-coordinate measurement machine.


Journal papers

  • P. Stavroulakis, D. Sims-Waterhouse, S. Piano and R. Leach, Flexible decoupled camera and projector fringe projection system using inertial sensors, 2017, Optical Engineering 56(10)
  • D. Sims-Waterhouse, S. Piano and R. Leach, Verification of micro-scale photogrammetry for smooth three-dimensional object measurement, 2017, Measurement Science and Technology 26(5):055010

Conference papers

  • V.M. Rivas Santos, D. Sims-Waterhouse, S. Piano, I. Maskery, R. Leach, M. Papastavrou, A. Ellis and P. Woolliams, Metrological design of calibration and benchmarking artefacts for an additive manufacturing system, 2017,  Proc. Euspen/ASPE Dimensional Accuracy & Surface Finish in AM, At Leuven, Belgium
  • D. Sims-Waterhouse, S. Piano and R. Leach, Fusion of light-field and photogrammetric surface form data, 2017, Proc. SPIE, Volume: 10373
  • P. Stavroulakis, S. Chen, D. Sims-Waterhouse, S. Piano, N. Southon, P. Bointon and R. Leach, Combined use of a priori data for fast system self-calibration of a non-rigid multi-camera fringe projection system, 2017, Proc. SPIE, At Munich
  • D. Sims-Waterhouse, P. Bointon, S. Piano and R. Leach, Experimental comparison of photogrammetry for additive manufactured parts with and without laser speckle projection, 2017, Proc. SPIE, At Munich, Volume: 10329

Conference presentations

  • Oral presentation, SPIE Optical Metrology Conference, June 2017, Experimental comparison of photogrammetry for additive manufactured parts with and without laser speckle projection
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