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Andrew Dickins

Andrew Dickins

PhD Student

The University of Nottingham


Andrew graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Second Class Honours (1st Division) MSci degree in Physics in 2016. For his final year research project he contributed towards a long term project to investigate the possibility of an inexpensive nuclear magnetic resonance system capable of performing pulsed sequence NMR spectroscopy, with a focus on electrical hardware and software development and testing.

Following this he began his position on the Ultra Precision CDT. In his masters year at Cranfield University his research was focused on the manufacture of surface features in titanium alloys through micro milling with the focus of hydrophobicity and medical applications.

In December 2017 Andrew began his PhD project at University of Nottingham. His current focus is on the development of an in-situ monitoring system for additive manufacturing systems by fusing the data from multiple different measurement sensors and techniques.

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