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Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering



Alex graduated from Oxford Brookes with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2017 focusing on design and computer simulation. Building on from this, he completed an Msc in Fusion Energy from the University of York in 2018. Alex’s MSc thesis was on the design of an interference fit joint for hemispheres to be applied in the design of Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) capsules, in collaboration with STFC.

In 2018, Alex joined the CDT in Ultra-precision engineering at Cranfield University to study towards an MRes focussing on diamond turning of polymers for IFE applications. He presented this work at the DIAM 2019 conference where it attracted interest from an international audience.

In 2019 he started his PhD at Cranfield University. His project targets the development of an atmospheric plasma-based manufacturing process for the surface finishing of metal components, in collaboration with the MTC.

PhD Student
Cranfield University
 Alex   Bishop
Not available for consultancy