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Metallisation of CNTs

This project is being completed in collaboration with Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR) with the aim of developing metal – CNT (carbon nanotube) paper laminates optimised for use in anodes of high power microwave devices.


Jack Cook


Professor Bill O’Neill




The performance and life of a high powered microwave device is limited by plasma formed by the ionisation of outgassed species and secondary electron emission. The outgassing is related to the temperature of the anode and the formation of local hotspots generated when the anode is struck by high energy electrons. This project will develop CNT-metal laminates optimised to increase the thermal and electrical conductivity of the material therefore reducing the amount outgassing at the anode. Additionally the film thickness of the laminate layers will be controlled to define the electron interaction volume and how hydrogen and oxygen are diffused through the material.

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