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BioLaser: Establishing a high-resolution Laser Ablation Tomography Platform for UK Bioimaging Research

Biolaser is an IfM and NIAB collaboration which aims to develop a laser ablation tomography platform that provides rapid, 3D imaging of plant material down to micron or even sub-micron resolutions.


Peter Atkin


Professor Bill O’Neill



Project Overview

The system aims to use an ultrafast pulsed laser and topology measurement technology to rapidly and controllably ablate micron-scale layers of heterogeneous plant material, before imaging the exposed surface. This process can then be repeated, and the data processed, to produce a high-resolution 3D model of the sample.

The primary aim of this project is to design and build an effective inline measurement system for the laser ablation process, which will allow for feedback control during machining. The secondary aim is to assess the incorporation of imaging technologies, such fluorescent imaging or chemical analysis, into the system.

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