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Clare Collins

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Daniel Gortat

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Jiho Han

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Francisco Orozco’s image on the cover of the Journal of Materials Research.

Francisco Orozco

M. Cahay, P. T. Murray, T. C. Back, S. Fairchild, J. Boeckl, J. Bulmer, K. K. K. Koziol, G. Gruen, M. Sparkes, F. Orozco and W. O'Neill. Hysteresis during field emission from chemical vapor deposition synthesized carbon nanotube fibers external link. Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 173107 (2014).

Steven B. Fairchild, John S. Bulmer, Martin Sparkes, John Boeckl, Marc Cahay, Tyson Back, P. Terrence Murray, Gregg Gruen, Matthew Lange, Nathaniel P. Lockwood, Francisco Orozco, William O’Neill, Catharina Paukner and Krzysztof K. K. Koziol. "Field emission from laser cut CNT fibers and films external link." Journal of Materials Research, Volume 29, Issue 03 2014, pp392–402.



Danny Sims-Waterhouse

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