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Student courses

Please see below a list of courses available for all CDT-UP students. Please contact to register;

Business Awareness Course, 29th April, 12 – 5pm, Institute for Manufacturing

The Business awareness course will be an interactive course that will include both lectures, hands-on exercises and games to give the students a taste of the commercial world. Specifically, it will cover:

  • Explore a range of key business issues including working as a team;
  • Learn some basic project management skills;
  • Learn how to pitch project ideas.


Writing workshop, 10th May, 11am – 12pm, Institute for Manufacturing

In research writing, productivity (that is, the amount of writing produced per unit of time) is important, in order to ensure that deadlines are met and that writing time doesn’t eat into other activities. Fortunately, a great deal is known about how writers can ensure they’re productive. The purpose of this workshop is to pass on that knowledge’ in distilled and orderly form − principally in the form of practical dos and don’ts.


Getting your thesis written, 11th June, 12.30 – 4.30pm, Institute for Manufacturing

Catherine Tilley found that by applying the skills she used as a management consultant to writing her thesis, she was able to complete her writing up early - and without giving up all her weekends.  In this workshop, Catherine will share some of the tools and methods that she used, and talk about how these can be adapted to suit different working styles and preferences, so that you can plan your own approach to completing your thesis.