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Cambridge Science Festival 2017

The Institute for Manufacturing opened its doors for the University of Cambridge Science Festival on Saturday 25th March 2017. Thousands or visitors came along to experience the below activities:


Laser video game controller - MRes run activity!

In the ‘Laser Video Game Controller’, an array of laser beams send signals to a computer in order to control a computer game. Participants move their hands through the red laser beams in a smoke-filled box. Come along to test the controller with a selection of video games and futuristic sound generators!

Electricity and light in water

Our inkjet experts will show you the fascinating ways in which they can manipulate water using light and electricity. See water bend, dance, and even move upwards!

Laser lab tours

Get a glimpse of the latest laser technologies and find out how they are used in industry. Watch our experts show you the amazing things that can be done with this technical kit. Get here early to pick up a ticket.

Laser Racing

Fire your laser on target to move along the track and race your friend to see who can complete the course first!

Steel #Snap

Have your group selfie etched onto steel using one of the IfM's high-powered laser markers.

Sustainability games

Fun and interactive lessons from our experts in industrial sustainability.

What would you use that for?

Try some of the latest science-based products from local companies and win a prize for thinking of the most original ways to use them!


Pecha Kucha challenge

Graduate engineering students take on the challenge of sharing their research with you in just 6 min 40 sec, using the Pecha Kucha presentation method of 20 slides each lasting 20 sec. Will they succeed?
Join us for just one or stay for as many as you like (they can be addictive)! No booking required.

Personalising production: the future is closer than you think

3D printing, along with a range of other digital technologies, is changing the way we make things - from cars, aeroplanes, food, buildings, clothes, medical devices, medicines, and even body parts. This talk will explore the extraordinary world of ‘digital manufacturing’ and how it is allowing all of us to get exactly what we need, when we need it.