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Roll to Roll Printing and CNT Fabrication Laboratory

The laboratory aims to demonstrate how research can be scaled up to an automated production line using roll to roll fabrication methods. The laboratory sessions will demonstrate how a novel liquid crystal spatial light modulator can be fabricated. Students will work in a cleanroom environment and consider each stage of the production process. By linking each stage together, a working device will be manufactured. The second aspect of the lab will consider the fabrication of aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes. This will involve consideration of possible fabrication methods. Processes include substrate preparation, metal sputtering, CVD and SEM analysis.


Cambridge, Electrical Engineering Division


Chris Williamson


7 hrs laboratory + 2 hrs private study


Coursework worth 10 credits



  • Introduction to roll to roll printing and CNT fabrication
  • Learn how to set up machinery according to the particular requirements of a task
  • Understand the effect of using different materials and approaches
  • Understand vacuum based processes
  • Be able to fabricate CNTs


  • Material properties
  • Roll to roll processing
  • CNT fabrication and analysis
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