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The full EPSRC stipend, currently £14,553 student maintenance per year + fees is available for eligible students during the MRes year; payments from industrial sponsors may give a tax-free stipend up to £19,000 p.a. during the PhD phase. 

We must abide by the guidelines shown on the EPSRC website:

A student must have settled status in the UK, meaning they have no restrictions on how long they can stay and have been 'ordinarily resident' in the UK for three years prior to the start of the grant.

This means students must have been normally residing in the UK (apart from temporary or occasional absences) and not been residing in the UK wholly or mainly for the purpose of full-time education (this does not apply to UK or EU nationals).

If students are applicable for EPSRC funding then the university fee paid by the course will cover their tuition and college affiliation, but they are expected to use your student maintenance payments to cover the cost of living, including rent.